Lavon Sajona and Michel Fretin, the founders of the controlled environment agriculture farm, The Green Anarchist, knew how to grow organic microgreens but needed help to formalize their business plans and other start-up essentials like marketing. So, they reached out to SCORE Southern Maryland and were assigned SCORE mentor Carson Zake.

Lavon Sajona and Michel FretinGiven The Green Anarchist’s very specific needs, Carson tapped into SCORE’s vast mentor network to provide the right expertise at the right time. In all, Carson involved at least 10 local mentors with niche expertise to help guide Lavon and Michel through the process of identifying their market.

This mentoring varied much from understanding single-serve vending machine sales to toning up Zoom presentations, from brokering networks to strategizing direct-to-consumer distribution, from pursuing trademark applications for the brand’s logo to finding more production space. In essence, SCORE’s assistance ran ‘soup to nuts.’ Plus, SCORE connected The Green Anarchist with state and local non-profits which led to the award of grants during this critical period for the business from incubation to launch of the brand.

Today, The Green Anarchist is poised to become the first regional multi-channel marketer of microgreens in the mid-Atlantic area thanks in part to the depth and width of SCORE’s assistance. Lavon and Michel are effusive about SCORE’s mentoring capabilities “SCORE opened distribution doors we didn’t even know existed and since microgreens is a regional business, we can help others in starting their microgreen business as well!”

Congratulations to Lavon Sajona, Michel Fretin, and The Green Anarchist on their success.

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