How I can help you

I can help individuals who have a new business idea or concept and want to determine if it's financially viable. I can help with essential startup steps such as the business plan, financing, marketing, sales, and operations.

I have had a varied business history - As an entrepreneur I founded, a residential remodeling company. I opened 80 franchise locations in 5 countries, and eventually sold it to Outdoor Living Brands.

In addition to, I have been involved in a variety of businesses, non-businesses, and non-profits for over 30 years which include preparing business for franchising, business valuation and exit strategies, food and cooking, residential remodeling, real estate, and more.

My love is helping individuals who have an idea for a new business, and helping bring that idea from concept to reality.

Areas of Expertise
  • Business Finance & Accounting
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Non-Profit
  • Business Operations
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations

Industry Experience
  • Homeowner Services/Home Improvement
  • Real Estate, Rental Services and Leasing
  • Construction, Industrials and Utilities
  • Nonprofit, Public and Professional Organizations
  • Health Care and Life Services


B.Arch, University of Virginia

Communication Methods

  • In Person
  • Phone